Founded and curated by Stephanie Leathers. Experimental art + performance in public transitional SITES. For more than 7 years now, Stephanie has been investigating the rapid changes of development through SITES, an ongoing SITE-specific performance series in Durham and surrounding communities. A necessary expansion of SITES, to Raleigh and Chapel Hill/Carrboro, invites new artists, familiar landscapes, and critical questions surrounding its research. How are we present with others (community) and ourselves? How do we illuminate tensions between the human body and the civic landscape we're so rapidly revising? How are we inhabiting our communities and activating what is otherwise unseen/untouched. The sustainability of SITES largely depends on those who show up and invest in the work as community dialogue. The Let us always create where art can exist in the streets, alleyways, and dilapidated buildings without becoming sterile, conventional, or exclusive.





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